Healthy Eating Tips!

OKAY, let's Focus for a minute...

  • Do you want to learn how to lose weight safely?   
  • Can you improve your immune defense with better nutrition? 
  • How can I lose weight on a low calorie diet? 
  • Can you imagine reaching your goal of healthy weight loss?  



      Sounds too good to be true? Listen to MY story…


 Several years ago I had gained quite a bit of weight and it was extremely ugly. I mean, I had gone from roughly 180 pounds to well over 300 in a few short years. My love of good food was uncontrollable and I never said no to a meal, even though I knew what it was doing to my waistline. I mean, it’s like I tried to read everything that was in print to find that “secret” to slowing down the weight gain and losing fat. I just didn’t know what to do!


I eventually started to get “hints” of what was keeping me heavy and began tweaking my diet as I looked for more answers. Finding the answers was not easy as many “quacks” are out there willing to sell you lies and try to make an easy dollar off of someone desperately needing help. There was much research to be done and hours of reading left me drained but I had to do what I needed to in oreder to find the answer to regaining my youthful lean body. Everyone marveled as the weight melted away over time (as did my wardrobe. I had nothing that fit!).




DISCLAIMER: DO NOT try this style of eating without first asking your doctor about the results of eating a diet high in veggies and fruits. 






 Now, listen to what I'm about to say: THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT! Most people who lose weight rapidly usually gain it back over time! It took several year of eating a diet high in good quality healthy food. I'm talking about food that is biologically compatible with the way the human body functions. Today I am proud to say that I am about 195-200 pounds and in decent physical shape. There is always room for improvement since I am far from perfect but to be at this point is just amazing to me. My 42 inch waist of years ago has been replaced by my new 32 inch waistline. 









What's that old saying "nothing worth having is ever easy"? Undoing all those years of mindless eating was tough but it had to be done. I discovered that it was about making better food choices than I had been doing. Again, It didn’t happen overnight and I have learned quite a few things over this time that I spent slowly burning away excess fat. So much of this is about knowledge and effort. And breaking old eating habits. This healthy weight loss program does not become effective until YOU start replacing the foods that cause weight gain with the foods that promote weight loss.



      Eating healthy isn’t nearly as hard as you may think!
     Well, it isn't if you have an effective eating plan.


 Think about it. A goal with a realistic workable diet plan is the best tool that you could possibly have. Without direction, you are just a boat on the ocean without a sail. Simply put: a real plan put into action with determination is unstoppable! You just need to know how to do it. You just need to know the proper direction to begin your path.


 But finding that Direction is the Hard Part...

 It could take you years to figure out just the right combination that turns obese, unhealthy people into healthy and vibrant people with leaner physiques! That's what happened to me! I spent quite some time researching material on my own before coming up with an effective strategy for getting the body fat to melt off of my 300 pound body. But once I learned the formula, the fat began to safely disappear! And the important part is that I lost weight in a healthy way that did not increase any health risk at all. 

 At last! Be proud and build your self esteem as you show your healthy body to the whole world right NOW!

 This road map to healthy weight loss only fails if you fail to put forth real effort. That's the difference between success and failure... EFFORT! You have to do the work and be consistent at it. Losing weight effectively IS work! You can purchase some expensive fitness program on TV but if you don’t put in the time or effort then all you did was waste your own money! 






 For 3 months this program will personally guide you with email lesson plan after email lesson plan on how to eat naturally and uncover the healthier and beautiful YOU that exist under that layer of fatty goop! The e-course will be "drip fed" to  you weekly to help you to work your new eating style into your personal life. 

 Billing will be done every 30 days.  You can cancel at anytime. 

 There will be times that you may feel as if you want to go back to eating the garbage that got you into this in the first place but you will have the option to refer back to your lesson plans and regain the inner strength needed to continue moving forward and burning away that ugly body fat. 




 You must be consistent in choosing good quality foods to feed your body. I will teach you how! You WILL NOT be bombarded with mega-tons of information that you can't understand without first becoming a scientist. I cut through to the hard facts to get to what you need to know to GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT!

THAT’S RIGHT… this is about Healthy RESULTS!

 I know your probably a little skeptical and a bit on the conservative side but look at it this way--if you keep doing the same things over and over the same way--you will only succeed in getting the same results. I have done most of the legwork for you. All you have to do is follow my weekly email course lessons and run with it! I even give you a couple of valuable tips on how to “hyper-drive” your fat burning abilities by applying a few special “tweaks” that I discovered.
 Which Powerful Tip Could You Use to Control Your Weight?


  • Eat the foods that your body prefers to get it's nutrients. 
  • Fight obesity with proper nutrients and healthy food.
  • Discover why low calorie dieting is not effective.  
  • Find out how your high fat diet is not good for you.
  • The truth to creating a solid immune system.
  • Powerful tips on how to build a healthy body with REAL nutrition!
  • Plus much, much more! 

  AGAIN, let me stress this one point: This isn't some overstuffed program with tons of UN-usable information and pretty pictures. It gets STRAIGHT TO THE MEAT of the subject of how to realistically lose weight and change your body to optimize its health! If you want to make healthy progress towards losing weight safely then please TAKE ACTION NOW! These emails will be made available to you week after week in realistically applied portions so to not overwhelm you with too much information at once. 




  You must realize that these lesson plans could easily sell for more money than most of us can afford on our present budget. There are a lot of people willing to pay quite a bit of cash when it comes to learning how to make themselves more attractive. In fact, if you asked a nutritionist to produce the same possible results with the same information for you, you'd be charged in the neighborhood of several hundreds of dollars. Effective information that brings quality results is expensive!

 So at bare minimum you're getting plenty of usable information that is potentially capable of improving your physical health for an extremely fair price! Discovering the ability to change your health and personal appearance is considered to be priceless by many people. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of healthcare insurance!

 Many weight loss packages would cost you far more than mine will. It shouldn't cost a fortune to learn how to eat to become a healthier person but some people are willing to hand over their wallet blindly. Many folks are just desperate for a real answer to their weight loss problems. Surf the Internet and see for yourself how much money people are willing to pay to look lean and healthy. 



 You will get all the Info and guidance needed for the low introductory price of $5.95 for the first month! ($7.95 after that.) You can cancel at anytime during the 3 month program. 


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 Well, it's simple. As I stated before, everyone should be given the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of having good health and wearing well-fitted jeans. This investment is nothing when compared to the feeling of being the FATTEST person in the room or finding out that outfit you just bought is suddenly too small! YOU have the power to change the future of your health! It doesn't have to be "just a dream". 





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 Look at it this way- This is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time you are wasting on the ineffective weight loss methods that are getting you nowhere at all. While you're sitting around mulling this over, others are taking action... and buying smaller clothes! 

 All right, some people may feel that $5.95 is too much to pay per month for guidance or information that can improve their health? And that's why they continue to have the same problems year after year... procrastination. 

Take Action Now. 


Randy Powell,  Eating-Veggies.com  




Healthy Eating Tips!

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